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Chronic Illness Questionnaire

Please Let Us Know Some Of These Informational Topics

To contribute To The Blog And Site Please Fill Out The Information below

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  • A questionnaire to help spread awareness of chronic illness

  • Tell us what chronic illness(es) you live with? *

  • How long did it take you to get diagnosed? Now that you have been diagnosed and can look back at your past, is there an event that you can pinpoint as a flare now that at the time you didn’t know what it was? *

  • Tell us about how your illness(es) impacts your daily life! *

  • Have you noticed that your health has impacted any of your current or previous relationships!? If so, how? *

  • In what way has your life changed since your diagnosis? Is there anything that you cannot do now that you could do before diagnosis? *

  • Everyone’s disease will act different, for you how do you know you are having a flare? *

  • What do you do to treat your flares? Or to make your bad days better? *

  • Being diagnosed with a chronic illness can be very overwhelming. If you could give one piece of advice to some who is going through the diagnosis process, or is newly diagnosed, what would it be? *

  • If you could share ONE thing with the world about living with a chronic illness, what would you want the world to know?? *

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