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You guys!   It has been a year since I was here last. In my head I would have sworn I put up a post sometime in the summer. But clearly I didn’t. My life hasn’t been very exciting. I honestly had no idea it had been that long.   Writing was always at the top of my yearly, and monthly, goals/to-do list. But somehow I never made it here.  I wish I had some cool story to tell as to why I haven’t been here. But honestly I don’t. But I did go through some big life changes in the last year, so I guess let’s just take a look back at the highlights of 2021! 

The biggest change for me last year was moving!  But before I explain the move let’s rewind a few years.  In the fall of 2016 I had left my job as an RN because when I went to Mayo, the rheumatologist I saw for my lupus told me if I didn’t quit I would literally drive myself into the ground.  So I left my job heartbroken and ended up having to move into my childhood room in my parents basement. Which was a HUGE CHANGE!  I was so grateful that my parents allowed me to move back home. Don’t get me wrong.  But it was a hard change at 31 years old when I had been living in my own for 10 years.


Getting Back On My Feet

All that said, in May of 2021 I was finally able to get back out on my own.  I found an 800 sq ft apartment that was perfect!  As much as I was excited & thrilled to finally be getting back on my feet, the move led to a lot of stress.  Stress because I was basically starting over.  A lot of my stuff in my storage unit was not able to be used due to a rat infestation.


One thing I never expected to deal with was my anxiety and depression hitting hard.  Within a couple of months of the move I was in a deep dark depression. I think a lot of it came from being isolated from everyone all day, every day.  I didn’t want to get out of bed or even leave the house. Eating comfort food, aka junk, more often than not and just felt awful. It took me months to get through it, and I’ll share more about that time in my life at a later date as well as how I handled it and what I did to improve my mental health.  The one thing that really made the most difference, and pulled me out of the darkness was my puppy, Miss Annabelle Grace.

My Saving Grace 

Is she a lot of work?!? HECK YA!  Does she drive me nuts sometimes in our tiny apartment?  ABSOLUTELY!  But she is the reason I have to get out of bed.  Gone are the days of staying in bed all day.  She is the reason I have to get outside in the fresh air and sun.  She is the reason I’m now walking 2+ miles a day.  Miss Annabelle was my saving Grace. 

This is the social media highlight reel of 2021. A year that was filled with more isolation, more respiratory infections, many missed infusion appts because I was sick. There were many days that were not bright and sunshine filled.

 I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my life and about the year I was away.  Also, I would like to thank all of you reading this for sticking with me over the last year. 

But here’s my question to you……. What kind of things do you want to see here? Do you want me to help dissect news releases on the new meds in trial? Would you like me to talk more about me? Or just keep it the same and do a little of everything??  I would really love to know what you think.  You can either comment below or come over to my Instagram and let me know there. 


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