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As you know migraines and the research for migraine treatment are two things that are very close to my heart. As many of you know I suffer with horrible, debilitating migraines. And just like many, I have suffered with migraines since I was 13 years old. That being said, I was very excited when a representative from Diamond Headache Clinic contacted me. They sent an email explaining a little about the clinic itself and included an attached presentation on childhood migraines. The information in the presentation included the types of migraines children may suffer from, as well as causes and treatments of migraines in children. They asked that I take time to view the short presentation and then to consider if it would be a good fit for this blog and if my followers would benefit from seeing it. And I did just that! I viewed the presentation and thoroughly enjoyed it. So I decided that not only would I attach a copy of the presentation at the bottom of this post for you all to see, I would also share a little about the clinic and the research that they do.

If you or someone close to you suffers from migraines and you have done any research on migraine treatment facilities across the United States, I have no doubt that you have come across Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, Illinois. Not only are they the largest and oldest migraine treatment facility, they are one of the most renowned in the nation. Diamond Headache Clinic’s website states that their goal is is to “Rehabilitate, restore and improve function and independence, as well as to reduce the effects of the condition. Results may differ and no claims, promises or guarantees are being made or implied about the average, typical or expected results.” Since the day the Diamond Headache Clinic opened they have been one of the leading centers for research into NEW therapies for headaches. Participating in research while you are at the clinic is NOT mandatory nor a part of all patients treatments plans. When you visit this clinic you are given an option to participate in research or trials, but it is not required. The clinic continues to lead development of new approaches and therapies used for migraine headache treatment!!

The Diamond Headache Clinic does not focus on just adults, a fair amount of their patients are this under 18! Per the clinics Website I found out that the average onset of migraines is 7 for boys and 10 for girls, although symptoms have been seen in much younger children . Until the age of 12 research shows that boys and girls suffer equally, number wise. However, by the age of 21-24 this changes and the numbers show that up 80% of those suffering from migraines are women. Most children that suffer from migraines have a family history of migraines. Research also shows that migraines effect up to 5% of school-aged children, and between 50% & 75% of children who suffer from migraines will stop having them somewhere between adolescence and early adulthood. These statistics are a BIG reason why this clinic works so hard on researching new treatment and providing treatment to those children and adults who suffer from migraines.

When Dr. Seymour Diamond, the Founder of Diamond Headache Clinic, founded the clinic around 40 years ago, he truly built the foundation for migraine treatment. This clinic is unlike any other in the United States. One of the reasons that proves this to be the case, is that each physician chosen to work at the clinic would be classified as an expert in this field. They have also been highly trained in this area due to the fact that they chose Migraine Headaches as their primary medical emphasis. The clinic is still run today like it was when Dr. Seymour Diamond built his Clinic. This is evident due to the fact that they continue to focus on the same guiding principles that were implemented by Dr. Diamond. These guiding principles focus on listening, and remaining open-minded to patients and treatment opportunities!!

For all patients a multi-disciplinary approach is in place to treat migraines. Meaning that unlike other places you won’t just be handed a prescription for a medication and told to come back in a month. They feel as though it is necessary to treat the entire body. They are able to tailor all treatment plans to THE PATIENT, not to the condition. When you go to Diamond Headache Clinic they will develop a treatment plan that caters to each patient’s individual needs, and can be implemented in an outpatient or in-patient setting depending on the patients needs, and the severity of the headache. A patient specific plan could include acupuncture, BOTOX injections, changes in diet, massage therapy, nerve blocks, and physical therapy just to name a few. The overall goal in treatment is to set up the patient with a long-term plan that encourages overall health and wellness!

After viewing the presentation and doing my research for this post, not only would I feel comfortable going, I would also feel comfortable taking my child there. The Headache Clinic‘s website provides you with everything you could possibly need to know about the clinic. It even includes what to pack when coming as an adult or as a parent/child. The website also includes a little information on how you might want to prepare your child if he or she has to stay overnight.

If you have been around this page long, you know my feelings on research and trials! As I’ve stated before, I feel like the more research that is done and the more people who actively participate in trials, the better chance we have a curing lifelong debilitating conditions! Below I have included the presentation on Childhood Headaches/Migraines from the Diamond Headache Clinic. Please take a few minutes to view it. Also, if this information doesn’t apply to you but you know someone who would benefit from it, please share it. Let’s get the word out that there is a clinic that truly treats all aspects of a migraine and is working diligently to find a cure.

With Love,


Presentation courtesy of Diamond Headache Clinic

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