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Focus On The Fight | Kristi’s Story

Welcome to Focus On The Fight, a series of interviews that will be posted weekly, focusing on a blogger and their health.

This week we will meet Kristi!

Before we dive into the heavy stuff, please tell us all a little about yourself outside of your health! About your family or your hobbies

I am a happy person who has an amazing life. The early years were difficult, but I did not really understand why until I was nearly 55 years old. I have been married for almost 40 years to my best friend, lover, life partner. We have two grown daughters who are also my dear friends. We love living in Maine but look forward when we will have a warmer-weather winter home. My hobbies beyond being with my family and helping others are writing, dancing and being outdoors (particularly summer fresh-water sports).

Instagram did not return a 200.