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First, what is a spoonie? Basically, it is a person who lives with life altering fatigue of a chronic illness. The idea originated from Christine Miserandino, of But You Don’t Look Sick, when she wrote the “Spoon Theory,” that explains how we #spoonies allot Time and energy throughout our day by using a series of spoons. Since then thousands of people have been using “spoonie” to describe themselves. So……You may be a spoonie if:
1. You wake up tired after a good nights sleep. 

2. You lay in bed in the morning using self-talk to get yourself out of bed. 

3. You have to decide between taking a shower and doing your hair and makeup because there is no way you can do both. 

4. You have to take a break after showering before you can complete any further tasks. 

5. You look forward to a nap after being up for only 30min. 

6. You have lost loved ones since being diagnosed, because they just don’t understand. 

7. You’ve lost lifelong friends since being diagnosed, because they don’t understand and don’t care to take the time to learn.  

8. Your friends are so used to you canceling that when you make plans they don’t think they will actually happen. 

9. You have more friends from around the world than you do in your hometown. 

10. Your closest friends may be people you have never, and may never, meet. 

11. Your family plans excursions, dinners out, and other activities around your nap-times. 

12. You have a plethora of pill bottles in the cabinet and have used a pill box to delegate your daily pills for several years. 

13. You suffer from brain fog on a daily basis. 

14. You are way to familiar with the term “Painsomnia.”

15. When you change clothes in the morning it’s usually into clean pjs. 

16. Wearing makeup and having your hair done is a Luxury. 

17. You sleep with like 10 pillows. And if you don’t you just can’t get comfortable. 

18. If you own three or more heating pads. 

19. You rarely watch a whole movie in one setting because you almost always fall asleep mid-movie. 

20. You know all the good shows/movies on Netflix bc it has become your favorite way to spend the day. 
Hope you find this funny and also truthful. If you can think of other things only a spoonie would know or do feel free to comment below. 

Love and Hugs


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