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Maintaining a sense of humor when you have a chronic illness is vital.

Roses Are Red Violets are Blue,
You have a Chronic Disease, the joke is one you…

Well, except it is not a joke. It is no laughing matter. We face challenges on a daily basis that would cripple most; we are forced to make decisions and then live with those decisions that are not always pleasant. Yet in spite of this, we keep going and are a pretty amazing group. There are days when laughing or trying to find something to laugh about is impossible. Which is why, that is the most important moment to find something to laugh about. “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” according to Charlie Chaplain. Let us explore what that means in the context of chronic illness.

Maintaining a sense of humor when you have a chronic illness is vital. We all know that after a while that sense of humor gets cynical, and sometimes a little sick in the head. As a demographic, we are more likely to suffer from depression. While this will not eliminate depression, it will lighten those moments or give us a brief reprieve when at that moment all seems dark.

You know that friend that always has the “cure” for your disease. Drink the boiled warts of wild boar, mixed with two teaspoons of lemon juice, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, mix in the ash of the death star, and when all done add to a triple green smoothie of kale, spinach, and broccoli and you will be magically healed. Oh, you thought that orange creamsicle smoothie was good? No, change that to a triple green of kale, spinach, and broccoli, add the powder of one dried beet, and drink when the rooster crows at dawn. It is pure magic; the immune system will heal itself. Wait….. no don’t wait.

Go on, admit it, we all have that one friend that will give us that magic cure to help us. They may have the best intentions, but the eye roll just came out didn’t it? You can admit it.

Do you have that go to tv show or movie? What about that friend that makes you laugh? We know that humor makes us feel better physically and emotionally. So the next time you are feeling down, or depressed, play with your puppy, cat, rabbit, or pet; find that YouTube video, call a friend, put on a show, or just make yourself laugh. Even the physical act of smiling releases those happy little endorphins. Never underestimate the glorious feeling of joy as that laughter rips through your belly as you lose control…. Just don’t pee your pants because you were laughing so hard. Oooops, some of us can’t help that.

“ I have not seen anyone dying of laughter, but I know of millions who are dying because they are not laughing.” Dr. Kataria

One thought on “Have You Laughed Lately?

  1. Love this and I have found that I do feel better when I laugh. Thank you for reminding us. Of course I have spent my life making jokes about myself, this disease likes to play, with new symptoms just when you think you have everything under control.

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