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Lately I have become a makeup junkie. On a quest to find a good concealer for the redness in my checks (butterfly rash from Lupus) and the bags under my eyes. Also looking for a good foundation with good coverage that doesn’t make me look like I’m wahshed out or like my face is two shades darker than the rest of me.  When you are pale color matching is seriously an issue.  I’ve also been searching for good lipstick that I don’t have to carry around and out on all day. In this haul I found a few of those things and some unexpected finds. 
Ulta Double Duty Primer and Foundation has become one of my all time favorite foundations. A. I love that it’s a primer and a foundation in one. Because that saves me a step in the mornings. And B. The classic ivory is the perfect color for me. It has a nice full coverage for me. The only downfall is I like when my foundation has some SPF in it so I don’t have to have another layer. 

As for the NYX concealer I am less than impressed. It is the the green concealer which is supposed to be good for covering red areas and for bags under your eyes.  For me it does do some to cover those red areas. But as far as the areas under my eyes it creases and makes my under eye circles more apparent. Which is disappointing because this product has good ratings. 

The ULTA mineral blush called Peony  is great. It’s just the right tone for me. It’s a really pretty deep pink color. I will be able to wear it more when I have something that works to conceal the red areas on my cheeks. Right now I wear it seldom because otherwise I look just super red/pink if I’m not careful!! 

The ELF brand of makeup is understated and often missed in my opinion. It’s great makeup and it is super cheap. I got the Moonlight Pearl highlighter and it’s fabulous. For me a little goes a LONG way. But it’s sooo gorgeous. I can’t get enough of it. 

Lastly, my lipstick. If you haven’t heard of Lipsense you should definitely look into it. It’s different than any other lip product I’ve ever worn. It’s a long wear (4-18hrs) lipstick. I can put it on before work about 830am and eat and drink and talk all day and it will still be in place just like I put it on at the end of the day at 8 or 9pm when I take my makeup off for the day!! They have a ton of color options usually. But right now they are having trouble keep up with the demand because the demand is so high. But the coolest thing is you see in the picture I have three colors. Well with this product you can layer the lipstick and with just three colors you can make 27 different color combinations. It’s very different to put on. As you have to put it on in very thin layers.  And you have to have a gloss to seal in the color. If you don’t have the gloss the color won’t stay like it should.  It is pricey but if you think about how much you might spend on a regular namebrand lipstick. You could easily spend 20-30$ on a namebrand lipstick and it might last you a couple months at best if you wore it every day. I believe that they say if you wore the same color everyday one tube would last 4-6 MONTHS. I didn’t think I would jump on the lipsense train but once I did I loved it. (And no I don’t sell this product. I just think it’s amazing. 


3 thoughts on “Makeup Haul

  1. I’ve been wanting to try Lipsense lipstick but I hardly ever wear makeup anymore, so, I dont really want to spend the money. Kwim? But all the colors I’ve seen look so pretty on everyone! Btw, I keep meaning to tell you that you are a great writer! ??

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