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Time for another session of things I’ve learned. This time sadly, are things I’ve learned, or I should say things I was reminded of, while being in the Emergency Room and being admitted to the hospital. It’s amazing to me still how things haven’t changed in the last several years in the way they should have. Might as well not beat around the bush any longer. This won’t be long. But just short and too the point. So lets just jump right in.
1. In my experience, and hopefully not everyone find this to be true. It seems like if you use the word “chronic,” whether it be pain, or migraines, nausea, or whatever the case,  the providers see you as a seeker. I won’t go to far into this because I’ve talked a lot about this issue in previous blogs. Bit just because I have severe complex migraines that make me look like I am having a stroke does not make me a drug seeker. In fact!!!! In fact not one time. NOT ONE TIME did I ever ask for anything narvotic based. I just wanted something to take the damn headaches away. 

2. I feel comfortable that I can say this and maybe not get chewed a new one. Especially since I am a medical provider. But things get done in the medical field professionals time. Not necessarily the patients time. Coming from both sides this one is one of the hardest for me to deal with with.  I know what a lot of time what could be happening on their side while im hurting or nauseated.  I know that they have other pts. But at least have the courtesy to stick your head in the room and let me know that you are aware that I need to see you but it will be a couple of minutes. So I’m not just lying there dry heaving or hurting and cursing your name and wondering where you are for the last thirty minutes.  

3. It seems ER drs and nurses are always going to assume the worst of you. I know they see a TON of pts and a LOT of those patients are really crappy people who are trying to take whatever they can get from the system. But not all of us are like that.  Some of us are just there to try and get hep with whatever ails us. I understand that there is a fine line. But come on!! Don’t be a jack ass to all of us!!! 

4. Not all things are bad in the hospital. There are those doctors, nurses and patients care assistants who are true gems. They are the ones who will go out of their way to talk with you and make sure you are comfortable. That you have what you need. That you get your nausea or pain meds meds when you need them.  That you have ice chips. Or a popsicle. These my friends are true gems and there need need to be more of them. They are a dime a dozen. These are the ones we need to remember for surveys and thank you cards. 

Enough of my rambling for today. 


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