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Today starts 31 days of Lupus Awareness. And being that Lupus is my main condition I am going to be Writing a lot on Lupus, the chatectistics, the signs, what’s it’s like as a person to have the disease, the treatments etc…  This is an important month to me. Not only is it the month of my birth, but the month that focuses on the disease that has forever changed my life.  
Lupus was to me, like many, a foreign condition, when it was first brought up by my dr in 2012. Sure I had heard about it in nursing school but it wasn’t anything that had stuck with me, much like many other disease process we had leaned. But it quickly became very familiar. With every bit of research I did I realized that I really probably did have lupus, I really couldn’t deny the signs and symptoms. I had the red rash, the fatigue, the joint pain etc.  Even though I would have never in my wildest dreams put those symptoms together in Such a way to come up with lupus.  But what do you know that’s what it was and I’ve found a way to live with it and advocate for myself and others with lupus. 

So what does Lupus Awareness Month mean to me? It means brings Lupus to the forefront. Telling others what Lupus looks like, what Lupus sounds like, and how to be more aware of the disease.  I want to tell others what research is being done, what needs to be done and how we can raise money to get more research done.  The more awareness we can bring to the disease and research for the disease the better. The better research leads to better medication and treatments for all of us suffering.  So over the next thirty-one days be prepared to read a LOT on Lupus, the condition itself, the research and the treatment! If I am nothing else I am an advocate in my own right!! 


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