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Several months back around the first of 2017 I was invited to one of those annoying makeup ?parties on Facebook. You know the ones I am talking about, the ones it seems like you are always getting an invite to!! I had ignored multiple invites over the previous months. But for some reason I decided to drop into this one. Probably because this one was only like an hour long. So it was quick and to the point. I really liked the host, and the longer that I spent watching her demonstrate the makeup the more enthralled I was. The idea behind this makeup was that the lipstick was kiss proof, smudge proof etc!! You could kiss your spouse or your babies and the lipstick wouldn’t come off on them. Sure I thought? They say that but there’s no way!!! But then she proceeded to show us that it was all those things and MORE.  The makeup is all also smudge proof, water proof and could be worn in the pool even. I was HOOKED!! 
So shortly after I started wearing the product I learned about the awesome compensation plan that the company provides its distributors. So not only did they make awesome makeup, lipstick and skin care products they also provided also compensation plans. So I was falling more and more in love with Senegence weekly. One thing that I liked was that every customer has the ability to sign up “as a distributor,” to receive the wholesale discount, or become a distributor. So just for signing up a person can receive a minimum of 20%  off of all purchases (which is way more than any customer can receive from any distributor outside of ? party). Even at this point I was hesitant I thought okay? I sign up and then they will sock me will HUGE distributor fees or requirements. But true to Senegence style that’s not the case. To join they just require a $55 fee ghat is required annually (much like a Costco membeeship!) All that is required to stay a distributor is to order $200 worth of product every SIX months. Which is so very easy to do!!  And the discount gets better with the more you spend. But you don’t have to and you can just continue to get the 20% off if you choose. If you chose that you want more than the discount this is also the point where you can decide to become an active distributor for the company! 

So I started using Lipsense ? sometime around February or March 2017. I can’t remember exactly. By the end of April I had signed up to be a distributor. I had never planned on actually selling for Senegence but like usual God has different plans for my life. Over the course of May, June and July my health continued to go down hill, and I was less able to  keep up with my work schedule. So that’s when I decided after much prayer that it was time for me to try to overcome my battles with health, and my battle with my  inability to keep up my normal schedule at work! I decided that it was time for me to really start putting time into selling cosmetics. Not just any cosmetics,  Lipsense. 

Lipsense, you ask, surley there’s more than just ? lipstick? You are right?!?  Lipsense is just a part of the Senegence line. Yes! That’s true. Senegence has a complete makeup line as well as a skin care line.  But the Lipsense is the most common, well heard-of and probably the most lucrative. It seems like most places you go now someone has heard of Lipsense. Which makes selling it much easier. Sometime In June of 2017 I became somewhat serious about selling lipsense. I was shocked at how easy it really was.  The product pretty much sold itself. The best way to sell Senegence products is Facebook!!!! And heaven knows I’ve been successfully using Facebook for many years. So selling on Facebook seemed like it wouldn’t be that hard. But doing Live chats on Facebook turned out to be much harder than I thought.  I can talk with the best of them.  But getting people on to interact is a whole different story. But like anything else the  more LIVE Facebook shows/chats I did, the more comfortable I become with them. And the more comfortable I became with running a Business Page on Facebook. And the bigger my business grew. 

Then it happened. The car accident. In mid August I had a car accident due to a medical event. And due to that event I am no longer able to drive a car or work a typical 9-5 job. So my Lipsense Business became my ONLY source of income.  Now that I was no longer working my 9-5 I was able to really focus on my business. I have been able to grow team and give other women the opportunity to join Senegence and start their own businesses.  I have been so blessed to have Senegence in my life as an opportunity!! Senegence has helped me pay my bills and provide for myself in a time when I had no other means of income. And more importantly Senegence has helped me find my HAPPY!!! Because of this reason I can’t wait to share it with others.  It is the perfect job for stay at home moms, women who love makeup and just want to make a little more money. Or women who want to go full force and go for the big $$.  I am so inspired by the women in this company, they are awesome, God loving, mamas who work this business like a boss. There are women in this company who are making upwards of $20,000 a MONTH!!!!!  Who wouldn’t want that!! 

In closing Senegence is an amazing company that makes long wear, smudge free makeup. But more than that they are a company that is owned by a women who wants to impower women!! Impower women to run their businesses like a boss! The owner Joni wants women to run their businesses however it suits them. Whether that’s just having extra spending money or suppporting their families!!!  Senegence is far more than a cosmetic company. And I am so lucky to be a part of it and would LOVE to share the opportunity with each and every one of you. So you can find Your happy!!!  ???

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