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I am going to apologize for what I am going to say. I have no intention of being offensive but this could potentially be offensive when read by some people. These are my opinions, & written by me. And I’m sorry if I offend anyone as that was not my intention.
Let’s discuss Insurance Companies for a moment. Every year the price we consumers pay seems to go up and up, in a way that many can no longer afford. How is this right?!??? I don’t have a problem paying for my Healthcare, because I was raised to always budget money every week, month, year to cover said insurance. But we are now coming to a point that the cost is becoming astronomical. Due to this people are being put more and more at risk for ending up in life altering debt, Due to the fact that they couldn’t get insurance at an affordable price point, but still needed medical care!!

Why should this be an option? When did it become okay for women, children & the elderly to not have medical coverage?!?! Pregnant women, young children and the elderly are typically the populations that need to be able to get affordable insurance. However, that is simply not always happening. Several years back a law went into affect saying that all had to have insurance or they would owe more on their taxes. Now those with low income have the option to turn down said coverage and get a letter from the government saying they will not be taxed because they applied for insurance but were unable to pay the monthly premiums. How backwards is this.

This month alone I have had two procedures and a Doctors appt for Botox for my migraines denied! Apparently this wonderful insurance co I have had decided that they will okay God. They will make decisions for others care while not taking the time see the whole picture. “Oh it says her lungs have likely become involved due to her lupus, since her doctor has done X-rays why would a CT be needed. Oh look at this back X-ray report that said further testing is needed to confirm diagnosis. Nope, she doesn’t need that either we will just start PT sand hope that her pain that she’s dealt with will just disappear!” The patient and old RN feels like she is going crazy.

The RN in me somewhat understands. I get that they want to save people from having totally unnecessary testing and procedures & costs. If they were being honorable to decrease costs for said patient I could stand behind that.

What I can’t stand behind is these big insurance companies who decide to play GOD. There is only some GOD and I’m pretty sure he’s not in the insurance business. They didn’t ask my drs any further questions to help them the decide if other mode of treatment or diagnosis is possible. They just said NO!!! This insurance issue is getting much to out of control for people with chronic illnesses. We are always going to require more medication, more testing and more procedures. It’s just the name of the game. I don’t feel like these big corporations want to take time to figure out what is better for the patient. They just care about what is best for their companies pocketbook!!

In closing, I am super uneasy at the this way healthcare in the United States is going! I like the way it is as headed a few year by requiring affordable for all US citizens. The key word there is AFFORDABLE!! Now in my opinion, Healthcare is heading in a really negative direction. Those of us who have to have insurance should not have to sell my first born, my right kidney, and my great toe to get affordable healthcare. I sure someone in the government has a great idea on how to fix the issue!! Until then, we continue to pay unacceptable premiums.

With Love,


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