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Focus On The Fight | Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Welcome to Focus On The Fight, a series of interviews that will be posted weekly, focusing on a blogger/advocate, their health and their advocacy work.

This week we meet Collin Wong, and we will highlight: Inflammatory Bowel Disease, aka Crohn’s.

Before we jump into the full interview, Collin, please tell us a little about you outside of your health! Tell us about your hobbies or family!

I am a soon-to-be freshman at Case Western Reserve University, with a focus on pre-med. In fact, I hope to be a pediatric critical care physician one day! In my free time, I enjoy doing graphic design and playing the piano.

Don’t Feel Sorry For Me

I feel so bad for you.  Thanks, but there is no need for that, it is what it is….. Sometimes life hands you things you just can’t change and you just have to deal with it. Being diagnosed with some form of a chronic illness is no different. I know it seems like living with Lupus and chronic pain sucks and many days it does, but it’s no different than living with anything else. It is a PART of me, but it is not ALL of me. Just like being married is part of you, or being a mother. Yes, it’s a little different, but it’s also the same.

Look Behind The Smile….

By Amy 5 years ago

We all have heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is absolutely true.  I have learned that as someone with a chronic illness, to look deeper than the surface that is presented.  The smile that is flashed for Instagram or Facebook. If you look behind the smile and examine the eyes, wonder what is deeper and look you see a deeper story and not the facade presented to the world.  

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