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Skin Care….. what is the first thing that pops in your head when you hear (or read)?! For me it’s the thought of how expensive really good skin care (and makeup as well) is going to be. But the saying that you get what you pay for is TOTALLY true! When you buy and use the over the counter (in most cases) or drug store products you truly are getting what you pay for. In general cases using drug store makeup &/or skincare product, will not help you reach the goal of having a clear complexion and no blemishes. I know it’s possible for some. But most women would agree with me when I say that any item you buy cheap skincare you get a “cheaper” benefits.

Up until about a year ago I was the person who felt like the cheaper the better (for my pocketbook anyway). But that all changed when I found Senegence Skin Care. I saw the price and was like this must work miracles for the price. I went ahead and put those thoughts to the back and started using the skin care line. I started slow and just bought the 3~in~1 normal to dry skin care and the daytime moisturizer. I figured that was a good place to stop and should wait a little bit so my skin didn’t freak out! I got into the routine and started using both morning and evening, by a month later I was seeing some MAJOR difference. You can see in the pictures.

In the picture on the left you can see how uneven my skin tone was and it’s hard to see but I have a few small pimples and chin. The right was taken about 10 days following the regimen of using the products two time a day!! I know use Senegence entire skin care line. And I can’t say enough good things about it. You can see in the photos below how well it has worked for others as well.

After looking at my before and after pictures I knew I had found my product! Before using the OTC products my skin was uneven and the tone wasn’t consistent. My younger sister has started using the skin care product line as well and it has completely changed her skin. She used to constantly be breaking out and now she only breaks out occasions and usually because she has been eating chocolate or is really stressed.

The saying “You get what you pay for !” as I mentioned above is really true when it comes to Makeup and skincare. Most products you buy over the counter are not going to be good for your skin. I’m not saying they are all bad but most wont do what you need them to do. If you use over the counter products I recommend doing your research and figuring out which products are going to be the best for your skin!! You only get one face so protect it and use good products so it will be nice looking and feeling for your entire life!! If you have any questions about what the skin care line let me know.

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