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I was tagged by Michelle Munt from Those of us who are chronic illness bloggers are always focused on spreading awareness and understanding, we sometimes forget to show who we are, not just “what” we are! So this tag is to help us share a bit more about our personalities and give you a better idea of who is behind the blog!! You can read Michelle’s Behind The Illness Post here. I have tagged a few other bloggers on my social media but anyone is more than welcome to take part. Thank you Michelle for nominating me to do this!!

Four places I’ve lived:

  1. Kansas City, MO as a baby and only for a very short time.
  2. Southwest Missouri
  3. Southwest Missouri
  4. Southwest Missouri

So you can tell I haven’t lived very many places. In fact I’ve lived in the same town since we moved from Kansas, City. That being said I’ve moved 11 times and lived in like 9 different homes! Just all in a 15 mile radius of the same town!

Four Places I’ve Worked:

  1. When I started working I was 14. I worked in the summer for a family opened company who ran all the permanent food stands at the local fair grounds. It was Interesting, and I learned many good lessons. But I HATED coming home smelling like a GIANT Corn Dog or Funnel cake.
  2. As I got a little older I spent a year or so during my sophomore and junior year, working as a hostess as the local Applebee’s! There I leaned about how to deal with hostile people and that I NEVER wanted to be a waitress. I was (and still am) far to clumsy for that!!
  3. My next job was at Staples the Office Supply Store, I worked for three years. I kind of did a little bit of everything in those years. My main job was a cashier/customer service rep. But I also worked in the Copy Shop and could do all things that might need to be done back there. I also helped out in all the departments if needed and stocked shelves. I even learned how to work in the cash office and prepare the deposit for the bank. I learned a lot of valuable skills at this job.
  4. My last full-time job was at one of our local hospitals where I worked as a PCA in the earlier years and an RN for the last 9 years. I did everything from bedside patient care to charge nurse on the ward. To pre-admission calls pre-procedure. All which were jobs I enjoyed and am glad I had.

Four favourite hobbies: This one is hard for me to choose my top favorites. So in no kind of order here they are below. I also couldn’t choose just FOUR so I added a couple more!

1. Spreading awareness of many conditions while also teaching others the importance of acting as an advocate for yourself.

2. Writing for my blog and being able to write about chronic illness. As well as talking about beauty products and how women can find themselves again after diagnosis.

3. Running my support group on social media for people with like illnesses! And making lifelong friends in this group!

4. Running my small Business selling Senegence. I get to play with makeup everyday and help women feel more confident in their own skin.

5. Reading, when I can!

6. Spending time with my little sister who is 18 and heading to college in the fall! Also I love spending a lot of time on ballfields watching her play. Sad that this summer will be her last year because she’s. It playing in college.

Four things I like to watch:

  1. I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy.
  2. I watch more reality TV then I would like to admit. I think I watch bc I’m Just shocked how stupid people can act and how these super rich people spend their money.
  3. I also really enjoying watching many VLOGS on YouTube. There are several channels I follow.
  4. I have recently started watching The Resident which I really LIKE. I’m only a couple episodes in and can’t wait to see what happens the rest of the series.

Four things I like to read:

  1. Anything by Barbara Taylor Sissle. Barbara writes with heartfelt emotion and page-turning suspense, her stories focus in ordinary families and what happens when they are abruptly confront with extraordinary circumstances.
  2. Kristin Hannah writes mostly women’s fiction. She has written the feel good books to more historical books. I’ve yet to find a book by her I don’t like.
  3. Jesus Callimg Devotional Books- these are by far the best devotionals written!

4 Other bloggers work – I like to hear about their lives and their health. I also enjoy reading others work because often times something they say will spark and idea for me to write on. And I just learn so much over all from so many different bloggers. Not just Chronic Illness, but beauty and lifestyle and travel!!

Four places I’ve been: Let me preface this by saying I haven’t done a lot of traveling but hope to one day!

  1. Washington D.C. – I think this may be one of my favorite trips. I went when I was a senior in Highschool to march in The Fourth Of July Parade without ha band. The reason it was so cool was that it was the first 4th of July parade in DC since the 9/11 attacks. So that will be a trip I will always remember.
  2. Los Angelos- I traveled there when I was nine. I have such fond memories from that trip. We went to Disney, road a boat from LA out to Catalina Island and I spent a lot of time in the ocean
  3. Charleston SC – I found this trip to be interesting because Charleston has so much history. The historical houses and everything.
  4. Cancun Mexico- This was an amazing trip, we went scuba diving (learned quickly that’s not for me), we went to a local mall for shopping, say some of the historical areas. The resort was fabulous. I would definitely go back with a different travel buddy!!

Four things I love to eat:

  1. Potato’s – I’ve yet to find any version of potato that I don’t like! Mashed, baked, fries, you name it I Love them all!
  2. Cantaloupe & Watermelon- During the summer I can not ever eat enough of these two. I wish they were around and fresh more than just a few months a year!!
  3. Spaghetti/pasta- This is another thing that I’ve yet to find a pasta or spaghetti dish that I didn’t like. Pasta by itself, with sauce and no meat, with meat sauce, with cheese, I LOVE it ALL!!
  4. Sweets- I’ve had to learn self control when it comes to this! But I love cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes and ice cream lol. I don’t ever buy any to keep in the house so I don’t have easy access to it. Lol

Four things I love to drink:

  1. Milk- in the weird person that could drink milk all day, with any meal! The only kind of milk I don’t like is Whole Milk.
  2. Water is my main drink. I really don’t drink anything besides milk and water. I know I’m pretty different. I’ve tried tea, coffee, soda, juice and I just don’t care for it!
  3. Hot Chocolate – the only time I drink this is the cool times of the year. I like to add a little milk to it and it’s soooo good!
  4. A Cocktail once in a blue moon! I rarely drink but I do like a good cocktail if I decide to.

Four places I want to visit:

  1. Hawaii – There are just so many gorgeous beaches and so many things to do if you want to. And it’s just gorgeous. What more could you ask for.
  2. Australia – It just blows me away to think that is a place on earth where there are wild Koalas and Kangaroos roam!! And to me that makes it sound amazing.
  3. Canada – I have always wanted to go to Banff, Canada! I’ve seen some videos of people who went and it looks absolutely magical in the winter! And to maybe see Niagara Falls!
  4. France – I probably mostly stay in Paris! Because I love looking at the buildings and castles. As well as the Eiffel Tower!!

I hope you learned a little about me from reading this. As I post this on social media I will tag for more people to do this tag!!

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