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Social Media | How It Is Beneficial To The Chronically Ill

Social Media…..We always hear about the negatives viewpoints and aspects of each platform. Like the fact that social media is full of highlight reels rather than what’s actually real. We only get to see what those influencer types choose to show us, which is usually only the highlights. Or the fact that the internet is full of what we will call “keyboard warriors,” who spew all kinds of nasty hatred into the comment section of any social media platform. They say things that they would NEVER say to someone’s face all because they can hide behind their screens or keyboards without any real consequences. While those are well known facts about social media, what isn’t well known, or often spoken about, is the fact that social media is a HUGE blessing to those in the chronic illness community. I’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor. Did I really just say that social media is a blessing????

Are You Living With Intention

I’ve been following Rachel Hollis and Sadie’s Jane Sabin lately on social media and they talk a lot about living your life with intention. More than that, living each day with intention. As I listened I thought sure I life with intention, we all do. But do we? Do we really live each day with intention? Do we get up each morning and have a true plan for that day, knowing exactly what we want out of that day? Or do we get up thinking it would be nice if something happened, but having no real plan of of how to get there? I can’t speak for you or anyone else but for me on most days it’s the later.