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I received this book From Paulette Agnew, as a collaboration with The Chronic Illness Bloggers.
Before I get into my review of Paulette’s book let me tell you a little about what her book is about. The book is described on the back cover “FAB Health introduces a new healing paradigm encompassing light frequency and bioenergy as an alternative to antibiotics and other drugs. Using only FAB (Frequency and Bioenergy) medicine, Paulette Agnew completely recovered from Lyme disease not once, but twice coming back from the brink of death to the radiant health.” Throughout the book she provides a look into how natural things around us like the sun, ions from rain, walking barefoot and eating healthy food can provide the body with rejuvenation. She also explains why and how these things provide the human body with what we need, and does so in a way that anyway can understand. Paulette does a really great job of explaining why we get sick down to the molecular level and explained how we can treat those illnesses using bioenergy and light.

To be honest, this topic was totally out of realm of anything I have ever learned. Frequency, bioenergy and healing without antibiotics and other medications was nothing we ever discussed or were taught in nursing school. Nor have I ever heard those words from any doctor I worked with or have seen over the course of my lifetime. That being said it did peak my interest because over the course of my life, especially the last six, I have been on so many antibiotics and am honestly terrified I will end up with a superbug. So the thought of learning a way to treat infections and my many conditions a more natural way was appealing. What I found even more appealing is that she was able to cure herself from a SEVERE case of Lyme disease twice. Without all the medication and things that those of us with chronic conditions take on a daily basis.

The thought of being able to give up all the daily medications and the IV treatments and the stuff I go through with my health sounds amazing. But to be honest it’s a little hard for me to wrap my head around. I’m not saying it’s something I won’t look into further but I really need to take some time to think on it. I think it’s harder for me to really wrap my head around because I have spent so many years working and studying modern medicine and it’s what I have put my stock into for many years. I did enjoy the book because it really made me think about the fact that there are other ways to treat illness other than just throwing anything medication at it! So if you are looking for for a book to give you a different look into treating chronic illness or even just an infection this is the book you should look into!

I do want to thank Chronic Illness Bloggers for facilitating this collaboration. And Paulette Agnew for being kind enough to send me a signed copy of her book.

Here you will find a link to Paulette’s book if you would like to check it out!

FAB Health: Understanding Why We Become Ill So We Can Get Better

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