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New year, new decade, new resolutions!  You are starting over.  You have bought new journals, the new exercise clothes are clean and waiting to be pulled from the closet on January 2nd. The new fad diet cookbooks are lined up and you are the new you ready to take on the world.  But wait, there is a snag.

Let’s be honest it’s the same you as it was yesterday. Just because It’s a new year, and in this case a new decade, doesn’t mean that you suddenly transformed into a whole new person. That would be awesome if that happened but it doesn’t.

Sure, we set goals and resolutions and have hopes and dreams for things we hope to accomplish in the coming days and weeks.  But we didn’t change overnight.

Every year we sit down at the end of the year and think about all the things we would like to change. The weight we’d like to lose, how we’d like to be nicer, or maybe how we’d like to be more introspective. We get really excited for the new year.

The first week of the new year comes and we are rocking it. We are working out hard and are cooking all the healthy meals! Our houses have never been more clean and organized and our journals are filled every day. But slowly we start working out less and fast food starts creeping its way back in to out diet. The clutter starts finding its way back into our houses, and those journals that were once at the forefront somehow seem to be less important.

It never fails that most of us fail at our resolutions and then we get frustrated at ourself. Why we do we continue to do this to ourself year after year?  It is simple really, we didn’t plan or prepare for those resolutions properly.  Would you just say that you were going on a tour of all the National Parks with no road map? No plan as for the best way? Or would you haphazardly bounce around the country visiting national parks in alphabetical order, maybe just drawing names out of a hat. No, you plan.  So here are some tips for setting tips and succeeding in the new year.

Tips For Setting Goals 

1. Set Small Realist Goals – If you want to lost weight for instance set a goal of losing 10 lbs first. Setting a goal of fifty pounds seems to daunting and you won’t stick to that goal  so start with a smaller gain first

2. Make Every Goal Specific – If you want to grow your business, setting the goal of simply growing my business doesn’t give you anything to work toward. But if you set the goal of gaining three new clients every month; this gives you something to work towards.

3. Make The Goal Mean Something Personal – Going back to losing weight if you want to lose weight because you want your spouse or kids to think you look better, you  probably won’t stick to working out. But if you are working out because YOU want to feel better in your clothes and feel better about yourself you are more likely to stick to your goal. Why? Because it’s personal!

Setting and sticking to goals is hard no mater when you start. But it seems like it’s even harder when you start at the new year. Hopefully these tips will help you stick to your New Years Resolutions.

Happy New Year!

With Love!


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